Sometimes your attention is drawn to a small corner between the familiar houses of your hometown. A detail within the busy mechanism of our society. The detail that everyone passes by, but that you keep looking at, of which you might take a quick photo and eventually walk on with a feeling that you don’t completely understand.
These are the subjects I use as a basis for my work. As a detective, I investigate complex topics that most people are too far away from to understand and empathize with.
I make this research insightful by mixing interactive technologies and illustrated visual stories, to ensure that my audience can make their own connection with the subjects. What I find important is using new media to gain insight into subjects that we have little or no insight into, and therefore do not understand. By combining fiction and documentary in my visual stories, I try to bridge the gap between entertainment and factual information.
Skills and experience:
adobe after effects
Premier pro
Analog techniques (such as oil-paint and analog printing techniques)
Infographic illustrations
Editorial illustrations
Conceptual VR and AR experience
Godot game engineering
Basic knowledge on cinema 4D
Basic knowledge in programming
Experience within the Research proces
experience with narratives and writing
Experience in directing and realizing projects