This is a book I created about the reason why people have so many questions during their lives. Questions about the reason we exist, unanswered questions, and even the most useless questions such as what you should eat for diner today. In this book you will start a search to the answer on the question: "why do we have so many questions". 
I inspired the book on the magazine "the theory behind almost everything" published by the BBC. This magazine goes about the large ideas and discoveries that are explained in science. It amazed me how many questions there are that have never really been answered, but they never give up on finding an answer. So I tried to find out why we never give up on these questions. 
You might already wonder why you don't see a book in the images below. That is because you are able to fold out the book. When you do this you will find out that there is an hidden puzzle in the construction. By solving the puzzle you will find the answer the the question why we have so many questions. 
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